Who we are

Serena Zara Taufiq, aged 8, and her five-year-old twin sisters Sofieya Zara and Sharleez Zara were a typical loud, fun-loving, and quick-witted handful for their parents but an unfortunate incident left Sharleez with some physical injuries, which also impaired her developmental growth. She suffers from a condition similar to that of an autistic child.

Serena's parents sought various sources to aid Sharleez's condition and realized that supporting a child with autism takes not only physical and emotional strength but it is also financially draining. There weren’t many resources available to them, but one fateful day at a local mall, Serena spotted an autistic centre and she intuitively persuaded her parents to enroll Sharleez for therapy.

Although her parents were sceptical at first, they gave Serena's innocent suggestion a go and enrolled Sharleez. To their surprise, after two months, Sharleez showed significant improvements, which left her parents in disbelief.

Her parents reckoned, with Serena's good-natured assurance, that Sharleez had a chance at a better future. Encouraged by the progress that Sharleez has made, Serena was inspired and thoroughly motivated to help all underprivileged autistic children with financial limitations to get as much help as they needed.

With that simple desire, Serena was determined to turn her interest for jewellery-making into raising funds to help these children. She picked up the hobby from Youtube videos at a time when rainbow looms were all the craze. But this feisty child had larger plans than to attract mere likes for her wares on social media. She was inspired by people who actually made successful businesses out of handmade trinkets.

With undying passion and the support of her parents, she initiated a social movement some time in January 2016 to spread awareness about autism and generate funds to further aid these children.

Serena has been tirelessly and enthusiastically involved in activities that can be avenues to gain more publicity for what she believes – that anyone, irrespective of age, can be a force for change to help other autistic children and families.